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46664 is an innovative AIDS campaign that operates through creative partnerships at individual, corporate, non-governmental and governmental levels and acts as a focal point for collective efforts to eradicate HIV/AIDS.

The campaign uses the moral authority of Nelson Mandela, combined with the mobilising power of celebrity in the fields of music, entertainment and sport, to promote awareness about the disease and to encourage personal responsibility in the fight against HIV/AIDS. 46664 also runs its own HIV prevention campaigns and funds community organisations that support and care for people living with HIV. Go to www.46664.com for more.

The 46664 Bangle is a beautiful way to show that you support the 46664 vision of eradicating HIV/AIDS. It also makes funds availablewhere they are needed most.


Each bangle has its own unique serial number that allows the owner to register it and receive a letter of thanks. Bangles can be registered by visiting www.46664.com/bangle.

The real beauty of these bangles lies in the fact that they uplift the lives of each and every person who touches them. From the crafters who hand-finish the metal to the previously unemployed people who assemble the boxes they are shipped in, everybody benefits.

Please note:
46664 is a South African initiative and therefore the South African Rand is used as a base currency. Hence the currency conversions are estimates only. The exact exchange rate will be determined at time of transaction. We thank you for your understanding.