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About The Schools Program

46664 was my prison number. For over eighteen years I was imprisoned on Robben Island, known as a number. Millions of people today infected with HIV are just that – a number. They too, are serving a prison sentence, for life. This is why I am allowing my prison number – 466/64 – to brand this campaign. It is my wish for 46664 to be used in this way.”
- Nelson Mandela

46664 is the campaign vehicle of the Mandela organizations. It champions the broader humanitarian causes supported by Nelson Mandela, including HIV/AIDS. In 2009, 46664 launched the Mandela Day campaign to start a global movement for good. The campaign calls upon people all around the world to spend some time on Mandela Day, the 18th of July, to help someone less fortunate or to improve their communities in any way that they choose.

It has long been the dream of the Bangle Program to be able to reach children all over the world, to communicate with them on issues of social equality, upliftment and the benefits that a positive education, mindset and action bring to the world.

Today, the gap between those who have access to opportunity and those who don’t continues to widen at an alarming rate. The best way to improve your chances is through education. It is a distressing fact that less than half the world’s children have access to formal education, let alone those who never get the opportunity to develop their potential.

Nelson Mandela has appealed to the citizens of the world to create a better world for all who live in it. The Bangle Schools Program provides a platform to change society in so many ways that it’s difficult to ignore the benefits. It creates an opportunity for children to start a virtuous cycle that has the potential to positively change the world that they live in.

Most schools get involved in raising funds in various ways to support community projects and teach students the value of giving back to a community. The Bangle Schools Program now gives students a way to raise those funds, choose more diverse projects - at home or in South Africa - while learning the skills required to initiate and manage the project to its successful completion, while experiencing firsthand the benefits of service to the community.

The Schools Program will engage your children/students in a project that creates awareness and compassion for the underprivileged. The sense of understanding and the ability to do something positive for the community will be stimulated in them at a young age, unleashing their natural impulse to help the less fortunate.

What is the Bangle Schools Program?

The global 46664 Bangle Schools Program mobilizes students to create funds for approved social projects of their choice in any field – health, education, poverty, the environment etc. It gives them the tools to create a successful project and develop the plan to reach their financial objectives. This is done by working as a team to sell 46664 Bangles in their homes and communities. Once targets are reached, the monies are used to fund, or if necessary, implement the project.

The whole process is designed to develop the children’s sense of social responsibility while embedding real life skills of economic and project management. Achieving this with schools globally will provide the platform to share ideas and to experience a powerful learning environment.

The beauty of the Bangle Schools Program is that the children can develop a community project in their community or choose to support an approved school halfway across the world.

All of this happens through the sales of 46664 Bangles, which generate revenue for approved community projects. A margin of the bangle price is reserved for the Bangle Schools Program project. This revenue is spent on the project of choice through the budgeting, planning and execution skills of the students. This provides hands-on education through real life experiences of economic management sciences that are a part of many school curricula. Through practical experience, students are more likely to integrate and apply their learning.

During this experience, students will also learn about the values and legacy of Nelson Mandela through the humanitarian causes that he supports. They will themselves become a part of this legacy through their involvement with 46664 as well as the Mandela Day campaign which calls upon people everywhere to do good in their communities and participate in a worldwide movement for positive change.

The program will be guided, administered and monitored by the Bangle Program in South Africa. Although benefits are enjoyed locally, the cumulative effect of the Bangle Schools Program is global.

Who else benefits from the Bangle Schools Program?

The sale of a 46664 Bangle creates employment for the artisans in Southern Africa who make the bangles as well as the workers who package them. These people’s lives are improved as a result of the 46664 Bangle Program. Part of the revenue is also donated to 46664 to use for their HIV prevention program at schools in South Africa.


The program is designed to achieve the following objectives:

  • Provide a platform of exchange to allow schools in advanced economies to engage and help schools in developing countries
  • Allow all schools to create additional projects of a social justice nature in their own communities
  • Share Mr. Mandela’s values and his vision of a better world for all who live in it and create a means by which students all over the world can assist in making this a reality
  • Teaching students that you can feel good by doing good, while learning about social responsibility in the process - In the words of Mr. Nelson Mandela, “It’s in our hands” to make a difference
  • Create awareness of the 46664 Bangle Program and its objective of raising $100 million in the next 12 years to address HIV/AIDS and the underlying social issues which drive the epidemic – poverty, gender inequality, lack of basic services etc
  • Activate a minimum of 10% of schools on all continents, allowing us to reach many countries and cultures so that they can join the global movement for good
  • Provide a real life experience that promotes the learning requirement of economic management sciences in the school curriculum
  • Generate an additional 1500 jobs in the bangle factories that make the 46664 bangles and the boxes they are sold in


The program was kicked off both in New York and in South Africa simultaneously with a great launch in New York on the 18th of July 2009. Germany and Norway will follow as soon as resources allow. The target is to reach at least 10% of all schools across the globe. The overwhelming response from the various education departments is one of excitement and eager participation.

While no educational facility will be excluded, it is anticipated that the greatest participation will come from students in Grade 5 to Grade 7 and from teenagers in Grade 8 to 12.

Schools that choose to adopt a remote project will be given help in accessing a project manager to manage the execution from a distance. The project managers will be sourced from undergraduate project management learning institutions to create practical experience for youth globally.

The Bangle Schools Program project team will provide guidance and approval in all remote projects to ensure completion and financial controls.

Local projects are also encouraged so that students get to witness the actual results of their work, an important aspect of understanding social causes and their effects in a more tangible and experiential way.

Program sequence

All schools that register for the program will be given guidelines provided by the Bangle Schools Program.

The high level program sequence is as follows:

Registration: Schools register as members of the Bangle Schools Program. This provides a reference for outside parties to verify the school and project on the www.46664.com/bangle website.

Project submission: Each school project (may be more than one project, but each project must have a separate team) must be focused on the upliftment of people or any worthy social improvements within a community. Additional projects can be chosen from approved lists on the 46664.com/bangle website.

Project activation: Each school will be responsible for submitting the project requirements and the planned budget to complete the task. For remote projects these requirements will already be mapped out by the beneficiaries.

Each school will have its own project plan but it is recommended that the plan should have as a minimum:

  • Objectives
  • Budget
  • Sales plan to reach target revenue
  • Communications plan (for remote projects especially)
  • Project outcomes and allocated tasks for team members

Project notification: An official notification and acceptance by the receiving party/beneficiary at the start of the project. The agreement on objectives and communications plan as per project plan is set as the basis for measuring progress.

Project execution: Funds have been generated and are deemed sufficient to complete the project. The project team is set and starts to deliver. Progress is tracked on the web server to show the team’s achievements.

Project close: Completion of project by team. Project closure will include a ‘lessons learnt’ session facilitated by the Bangles Program to create a learning experience for all projects under the Schools Program. The Bangles Program will create relevant press coverage and acknowledgement of the project team and its achievement. The Bangles Program will create and facilitate opportunities for student exchange and participation in the program.


The Bangle Schools Program is open to any learning institution that wishes to be part of the program. A simple process of application is required with a commitment that post registration the learning institution will undertake at least one project in the first 12 months of participation.

Please express your interest via email to schools@46664bangles.com or call +27 8609 46664 to enquire (GMT-2hours, for normal office hours)


The Bangles Program will provide the following help in the administration of your projects;

  • Registration of all participating schools
  • Registration of all applications for help from beneficiary schools
  • Presentation of all projects and requirements on the 46664 Bangle website
  • Supply all approved project materials and controls for bangle sales and funds safe-keeping
  • Provide startup support on all projects and facilitate project management of all remote and local projects where required
  • Supply all bangle sales books for each school to track sales
  • Provide all schools a credit card capture facility for sales (remote Internet-based access point for credit card capture),
  • Provide all schools a web page to publish project information
  • Provide support to facilitate project closure and press coverage

Each school is expected, as a minimum, to complete and supply the following:

  • Project planning and student guidance
  • Approved school support to any project undertaken by students
  • Guidance to students during the whole process by an appointed educator
  • Safe-keeping of collected funds until transferred to the Bangle Program
    Acceptance of bangle delivery and safe distribution to purchaser of bangles
  • Allow 46664 Bangles to present to students from time to time through our bangle champions. Topics to include the project’s accomplishments and motivational speeches on social justice and talks on HIV/AIDS.

Website support

WWW 46664.COM/BANGLE will provide a separate section to display the Schools Program and its participants.

The website will provide a means of updating the progress of each project and be the means by which the world can understand the impact of each project.

Every project will have its own dedicated page. The Schools Program participants will also have access to basic planning templates that will be downloadable from the website.

The site will provide the means to allow for a project search to enable the adoption of less fortunate schools by students and schools that have the ability to help.

A school project blog will be provided for the students to exchange ideas and share experiences and lessons learnt Students will be able to create Facebook and Twitter links to allow projects to be followed and encourage support from communities.


Recognition is important to the students to ensure their project’s success, as well as to show the impact they have on the lives of others. The Schools Program will evolve and as it does, we will create the means to recognize those projects in unique ways. No project will be too small to be acknowledged on the 46664 Bangle website.

As each bangle is uniquely serialized, each recipient will also be able to track the beneficiary project through our unique tracking system on the www.46664.com/bangle website.

Schools Program potential – endless possibilities

Giving a less fortunate child the gift of education unleashes unlimited opportunities for that child. In turn, members of the project team benefit by applying economic management sciences through practical project execution. This is a win-win situation that has the potential to start a movement for good with students driving positive social change in their communities.

In South Africa, the Bangle Program also raises revenues for Nelson Mandela’s 46664 humanitarian campaigns, presently focussing on HIV/AIDS. The more bangles that are sold, the more jobs are created for workers who make and package the bangles.

The bangle itself will be worn with pride by all who have contributed to the realization of Mr. Mandela’s grand vision.

It is important that the Bangle Program is seen within the larger context as part of the living legacy of Nelson Mandela. On his 90th birthday, he called for “new hands to lift the burdens” of the world.

Through this program we hope to raise a more caring and compassionate generation schooled in the values and wisdom of one of the greatest men of our time – Nelson Mandela. He has shown the world the potential greatness that lives within each of us. Through this simple program we invite you to assist in fulfilling his mission.

Next Step

If you are interested in joining and learning more please contact us at schools@46664bangles.com with all your contact details.

Visit www.46664.com/bangles to learn more about the 46664 Bangles Program.

Visit www.mandeladay.com to learn more about the Mandela Day – a global movement for good.

Visit www.46664.com to learn about the 46664 campaign

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