46664 Bangles Reach end of Production Run, now collectables!
46664 Bangle reach end of production run, now collectables
The bangle program is stronger than every, but few realise the value of their 46664 bangles. The production run on the 46664 bangles has come to an end. The dies no longer exist and the bangle has been replaced with the new Mandela Bangles, leaving the older 46664 bangles as desirable and collectible items, so keep yours safe.
The limited editions in Platinum, 24 Carat Gold, 18 carat Gold and Silver were made to a total of 90 units bearing serial numbers 1 to 90 in celebration of Mr Mandela’s 90th birthday and the actual announcement of his real retirement in London at the celebratory gala dinner. These collectables hold significant value and recently serial number 90 in Silver auctioned for R65 000.00 in South Africa.
Over and above the limited edition 90 units a few other special bangles were made and included the 90th celebration units that was only available at the gala dinner in London 2008 as a gift from Mr Mandela to all his supporters. Uniquely serialised they has special significance. Once again a special edition was created in Silver for the launch of Mandela Day in New York City and was only available to the Gala dinner attendees as a special gift from the Nelson Mandela Foundation.
The custom made one off units for the Legacy and Bespoke series are off course the pinicale, holding significant value and stature in the world of giving, as they made significant contributions to the charity. Documented in the leather bound 46664 book they were made to carry the legacy forward for 1000,s of years. Only 4 Legacy and 8 Bespoke units were made.
If you have any 46664 bangle in Copper, Silver, Gold or Platinum keep it safe. Make sure you have your certificate and who knows, a few years from now it could be part of your legacy to your children.
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