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Clarence Seedorf
A child of Africa and a great supporter of 46664 and Mr. Mandela. Clarence through sport has made some significant inroads into improving childrens lives. A supporter of the 46664 bangle initiative in South Africa.

Clint Eastwood
wanting to tell the story "Invictus" is a strong show of support to a far greater cause. A great admirer of Nelson Mandela an indeed a friend, the support Mr. Eastwood and his wife have displayed for the 46664 cause and bangle program is admirable. Seen here at the launch of the Mandela Day in Los Angeles 2009 he managed to purchase a significant amount of bangles for friends and family and in so doing once again made a difference in the lives of people involved in the bangle initiative.

Elvis Blue
Elvis Blue has used his considerable talent to make a difference in communities and we are very fortunate to have Elvis boost the Social Justice message of Mr. Mandela via his musical platform. A great supporter of the 46664 message, change through education and upliftment via access to opportunity. We look forward to many years of his local and global success.

Henry Rollins
As direct as they come. Henry pulls no punches when it comes to his passion for Social Justice. Controversial at times but never off the mark. A great supporter of the 46664 Bangle initiative.

Josh Groban
Josh Groban has been a champion of Mr. Mandela and his ethos for many years. In his words "Meeting Mr. Mandela is a privilege i have enjoyed and will cherish for my whole life" A fantastic supporter of the 46664 Bangle program and indeed the greater ideals of Mr. Mandela. Josh often displays his support of the bangle program on stage in his live concerts.

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis recived his bangle as a direct gift from Mr. Mandela in 2008 at the London Gala dinner. A true ambassador for the principals of Social Justice and the ethos of Mr. Mandela.

Mogan Freeman
A Great Friend of Mr. Mandela and an avid supporter. Seen here on the red carpet at the 2010 Oscars with the 46664 Invictus Legacy bangle. Supported by his daughter and Lori McCreary wearing the African Daisy 46664 bangle.

Sibusiso Vilane
A true Explorer who like, Mandela was not hindered by the fact that it had not been done before. A champion of kids and especially kids who have not been privileged enough to have access to opportunity. He plans to change that? From a simple beginnings to the top of the world in more ways than one. We are privileged to have him as a 46664 Global bangle Ambassador.