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What makes each bangle so special is that it creates jobs for some of our incredible people – taking them off the streets and giving them access to healthcare and education. By taking these less fortunate people and giving them an opportunity to be part of the process of creating the bangle they are also given an opportunity to generate a sustainable weekly income. This gives them a real growth opportunity where they will gain access to precious metals and learn ways to incorporate this into their ethnic designs and crafts, thereby lifting the value of each curio created.

If all this is then coupled to a support program, formal small to micro enterprise businesses can be formed with the required guidance and accounting structure to bring them into the formal economy.

The manufacturing process of the 46664 Bangle will teach and ‘skill up’ the informal arts sector (many roadside vendors have exceptional crafting skill with no formal education), not only providing employment but the significant added bonus of skills development.

It is envisioned that a one year internship will be served, under guidance, in the hand-crafted finishing process of these bangles. These qualifying students will then be encouraged to set up the small to micro businesses focusing on traditional jewellery, which can be sold worldwide via the 46664 sales network created for the bangle sales.

During the manufacturing process the upliftment and skills training, as well as business support, are significant wins for all. This does, however, require absolute focus on the success of the bangle first as the means to support the program.

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