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The idea for the 46664 Bangle was born out of more than just a need to provide ongoing funding for the 46664 campaign, but out of a desire to directly influence the lives of those who are most affected by HIV/AIDS.

So was born the South African precious metal bangle idea, or otherwise known as bracelet or wristband. The 46664 bangle concept was crafted with a precious metal angle - pure Silver, Gold and Platinum.

The initiative is a uniquely South African one, making use of the valuable resources the country has – Silver, Gold and Platinum. The other precious resource South Africa has in abundance is the positive attitude of its people.

The 46664 Bangle initiative was launched in June 2008 at the 46664 concert in London in celebration of Nelson Mandela’s 90th birthday

The Bangle Story

The journey started when the concept of converting corporate social responsibility into corporate social opportunity took hold. The charity business model were designed to generate funds for the cause of HIV and AIDS while helping the ones who suffer from it most in the process, almost like having your cake and eating it.

It had to be uniquely South African, with a flavour and a divine jewellery that would intrigue the world with the mission to create sustainable revenues while trying to uplift and create wealth potential for the less fortunate of the population.


The aim is to create a high value jewellery bangle that donate to charity, made of the South African precious metals, Silver, Gold and Platinum, manufactured and handmade jewellery finished off using skilled craftsmen, in the field of African crafts who have been infected or affected by HIV/AIDS.

The bangle jewellery item is being sold to a worldwide audience via a distribution network - providing a source of funds for the Nelson Mandela Foundation’s 46664 campaign to use in the support of their initiatives and programmes. These hand made bracelets also create means of upliftment, employment and become the base of a wealth creation potential for each and every craftsman who chooses to engage in the program.
Our eventual aim is to be able to take the bangle bracelets’s demand and turn it into projects that will help people in a sustainable manner to ensure real lasting benefits to those living with HIV AIDS and HIV AIDS children, which is so prolific in Africa. Thus becoming a HIV AIDS awareness jewellery design and jewellery trend.

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